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The meanest thing you've done to a member of the opposite sex, in a non-platonic



I've been realtively good. I took a girl out, and never called her back. I still feel bad about that.


This still haunts me (I am not joking):

I was in the first grade and we were all playing tag in the playground.  Pat (that is his real name) grabbed me from behind (no dirty comments, please) and wouldn't let me go.  I was so pissed.  I bit his arm as hard as I could (I was only 6, so it was really not that hard).  He let me go and I told him that I hated him.  He said, 'oh really?  Then why did you invite me to your Halloween party?'  I said, 'Because you're fat.'  Of course, I went to the principal's office and was punished.  The ironic thing about that was that I was in there the prior week for a Student of the Month ice cream party.

I STILL think about that comment I made, and I get so upset.  Especially now that I am older and I see how much one comment can affect the way someone lives the rest of their lives.  There are people in my family with obesity problems, and I shudder to think of how they must feel when some dumb a-hole says something to them or about them.  Anyhow, sharing this relieves no guilt whatsoever.  I'll probably feel bad unless I ever run into him again and make my peace.  He'll probably tell me to piss off, and I will let him, because I deserve it.