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...You open it up and find your score to be 10 points lower than your lowest estimate.

Man. Imagine how this would feel. Imagine how it's going to feel for (undoubtedly) a bunch of test takers. Maybe it happens to you. Maybe it happens to me. Do you tell your friends and family your score? Or do you keep it hush and quietly register for december?

Great, now I'm going to end up worrying about this for the rest of the night.  :(

Dammit.  >:(

phew, i estimated 190-4000
Vulture, you're sick. What you accomplished... that's like a Chuck Norris Fact.

I would feel really bummed/disappointed (like that sinking stomach feeling) for a bit.  I would probably tell people that I "didn't do as well as I thought and I am retaking in December" ... but I probably wouldn't tell my score to most ppl (many of my friends/family don't even know the scale or anything about it).  The thought of retaking it ... going through that ... studying more ... it makes me depressed and a little sick to my stomach.  :'(

I guess I would call up Princeton Review and tell them I bombed and they owe me more classes ... at least that would keep me somewhat motivated, but I would be embarrassed, b/c I think the same lady is teaching it this fall that taught my class.  I enjoyed the class and feel it helped a lot, but I feel so "eh" about the test.  UGH.  WHY COULDN'T I HAVE SLEPT MORE AND DONE BETTER ON THE GAMES!  The games had become my strongest section, but I think I only got like 60% correct on this test :(  damn damn damn.

If I get over 155 I will be satisfied and not retake.  Below 155 ... serious thinking ... Below 150, heaven forbid, I would definitely retake.

karl you make it look so easy
?? '10 (But it's gonna be somewhere, dammit!!)

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October 23rd 10AM EST, not the 21st!!!! lol

right now, the new aba policy is a lot of comfort to me.

basically, if you bomb the test, and get a solid score in December it won't hurt the law school in regards to rankings, which they worship. 

so, somehow, just convince admissions that it was a fluke.  write one hell of an addendum.  have great personal statements and lors, etc....

I'm glad you brought this point up.

I'd hate to have heard this after the fact.

Just raised my low estimate 10 points baby!

How's that for adaptation? I think it's proportional to the development of my pre-frontal cortex.
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That'd f-ing suck...I'd be depressed for a good long while.


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Just raised my low estimate 10 points baby!

How's that for adaptation? I think it's proportional to the development of my pre-frontal cortex.

Ha!  I never imagined myself laughing out loud at an LSAT joke.  this thing makes you crazy.
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