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Many Law School Discussion users are becoming actual law students this week.  It's time to buy books, learn about hairy hands, and get called on .  When I set this site up a few years ago, I envisioned a totally separate area for discussing these things, as well as other law student issues such as searching for jobs, comparing firms, exchanging outlines, etc.

While traffic to the pre-law board has exploded, the Students' & Graduates' board remains rather quiet.  I want to encourage everyone starting law school to move on over to the students board.  Over the next couple months, I'll be working to promote that section and improve it (so please send me suggestions).

Everyone is welcome to be members of both boards, but lets keep the topics separate to keep things organized and easy to find.

The Students & Graduates Board

UPDATE: Despite anything to the contrary you may read, I eventually merged accounts between the two boards, so you now need just one account for both boards - no need to make a separate account.

SNUGGLE has worked hard for his 100+ posts and some have worked even harder for their 5,000+ posts.  Some of us may be hesitant to move for fear of starting over at the bottom.  Is there anyway for us to maintain our status when we make the big switch?  SNUGGLE wants to know.


--- Quote from: SNUGGLE on August 24, 2004, 01:34:09 PM ---Is there anyway for us to maintain our status when we make the big switch? 

--- End quote ---

Sorry to break it to you, but it looks like you already made the big switch.,740.0.html#msg3356

As have you my friend.  As have you.

One more week Andrew and I'll be 100% on the student's board.


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