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They are out today and are done by category...what does everyone think of them...

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First off, and I think this pissed me off last time too, is the "most competitive students" category.
1. Baylor
2. Whittier
3. Roger Williams
4. Cardozo
5. Cooley
6. St. John's
7. St. Mary's
8. Ohio Northern
9. Syracuse
10. Brigham Young

We have our NYC T2s, which next to NYU/Columbia/Fordham might force the students to work harder, but where the hell is Brooklyn or NYLS then?

Ohio Northern? Honestly? Who actually goes to this school? And even then, you have Akron/Toledo/Dayton/Capital as the remainder of the TTTs of the state. I went to school in Ohio for 5 years and never meet anyone from Ohio Northern Law.

Roger Williams just takes a beating on this board, I'll leave it alone.

The rest of them strike me as odd in that you have 8 or so Top 20 programs and then a random such as Loyola Marymount or St. Thomas in there.

I'm sure this is a result of the Review only getting the surveys students submit, so some schools are better reflected than hours, still, seems off.
ND grads getting better career picks than UVA? Northwestern grads better off than Harvard?

These are as worthless as the Cooley (#5!!) rankings.

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Brooklyn asks for two letters of rec--from academic people
and then they also ask for the names of two people who can act as character references for you. How hard is that to understand?

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They don't give Yale much love. These ranking don't seem terribly accurate to me.


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Re: Princeton Review Rankings
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kind of interesting reading on PReview rankings:

they are almost completely ranked by student-provided info.  I assume that is how the randoms make it on those top 10 lists ... their administrations probably urge them to fill out the surveys.

I do like some of the quotes they provide, at least in terms of deciding where to apply.  But there is no way to know how old the quotes are.  I used to use review back in the day when looking at UGs ... I think it has gone down in quality.

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For the "students say" section, PR still gives the same descriptions for my UG that they were using 5 years ago when I was looking to apply. I go there, so I know that it's changed a ton since then, but it's just kind of interesting to wonder if the info's just as old for other school.s

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Re: Princeton Review Rankings
« Reply #6 on: February 10, 2007, 09:45:28 AM »
I think these rankings are pretty much worthless. I go to St. Johns, and it doesn't deserve to be in the top 10 for competitiveness. The students work very hard, but I have yet to become aware of any incidents that would signify hyper-competitiveness. No denunciations to faculty, no stolen books or erased laptops, no smack-talking even.

Anyway, if the rankings are made by staudents, how can a student at a school rate his or her school's competitiveness as against other schools?

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Apparently Columbia doesn't even make the top 10 category in "job prospects"... yea, ok.