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My grades are horrible-What's the minimum I can give to a person writing LOR?

Do I have to include my transcript and/or resume.  When I applied to colleges, I just asked my profs to write recommendations for me based on my grades in their classes and their assessments of me.  I am afraid the people writing my LOR will not think so highly of me when they write the LOR if I give them more info than I have to. 


As long as you have a meeting with them and don't just drop the info in their mailbox, you can discuss it with them honestly.  The more info in almost all cases the better the letter.  This will allow them to say "the person I know is not reflected in the transcript, but in the personal statement" etc...


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I dunno.  $50, maybe more. 


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Some prof's specifically ask for transcripts.  One of mine wanted to see my transcript and my resume before writing me a rec, even though I got an A in his class.  He wanted to make sure he was recommending a student that performed consistantly and showed a good work ethic.  It depends on each prof's standards, I guess.


Mine wanted full transcripts


None of my profs asked for anything...but I knew them all on a first name basis. Two of my three LOR were offered to me at the end of class as in "if you ever need a letter of reference ASK!"

Made life a whole bunch easier for me...I always have had a great repore with my profs.


I just met with a prof I hadn't seen in 4 years.  When I asked if he wanted a copy of my official transcript, he said, "Well, you've done well in my classes and that's most important to me...but if you're comfortable with it, that would be fine." 

I told him that my transcript was pretty bad but indicated that there was a definite upward trend (as in, going from a 1.83 GPA to 3.60) and explained my circumstances.  He was pretty surprised about that and said he would be sure to include that in his LOR.

Just one more reason why you should ask for LORs in person if possible....