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LSAC tryin to steal my money???


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LSAC tryin to steal my money???
« on: September 22, 2006, 08:59:15 PM »
Ok so im registered for the Sept LSAT right now but definitely want to switch to either February or June. I was orignally thinking June but I think one month off over x mas vacation would definitely be enough time to study.

Anyways it says right now that if I cancel the test I'll only get a $42 dollar refund for the 120 i paid originally. They don't even have the option of switching test dates to June yet only February. I'm wondering why not just switch to February, and then if I'm not ready to take it then switch it again to June. I know it cost $30 to switch each time but if I cancel my score now im losing about $80 anyways. Does LSAC allowing switching more than once??? I don't see why I shouldnt just switch to February and if I dont feel ready by then switch to June again. Anyone got an idea. Also I'm calling LSAC tomorrow to see what they say but I'm gonnna assume they just want the most money they can get out of me so...