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US News Rankings are Bogus

Re: US News Rankings are Bogus
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oh yeah and my girlfriend is a 3-L at hastings... she is in the top 25% of her class, not in moot court or law journal, and she summered at, was offered, and accepted an offer at Orrick, the #1 firm in the bay area and a top firm nationally and internationally. She will be making $135,000/year starting next year... all that from getting good but not great grades and not doing any extracurriclars...

just another reason why US News is bogus - The Firms know US News is bogus. That's why hastings is still top 20 for top firm recruitment despite being ranked 43rd in US News.

good for her. how do you explain your classmates who have resorted to posting their resume on craigslist to look for jobs?

I guess they and the Boalt students are in good company.

Excuse me?

For a T14 school, Boalt doesn't have the most secure placement.  Obviously it's better than Hastings, but I wouldn't go around throwing stones if I were Ruskie.
proof that Boalt's placement isn't secure or lags behind its peers?

Jesus, are you a f*cking bloodhound?   :)

Placement stats over the last decade.

Your attempt to cite stats generally, as if they support your contention when in reality they do not, is disingenuous and intellectually dishonest. Post the actual stats and discuss them.

Quit trying to use big words. 

I know that a couple years ago, Boalt's placement numbers were worse than Georgetown's, the traditional safety school of the T14.  If that's changed, I'm certainly happy for Boalt.  I'm sure you're capable of finding the actual stats if you want to try to refute something this basic. 


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Re: US News Rankings are Bogus
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Example 1.
Cady on October 16, 2007, 10:41:52 PM

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Huey on February 07, 2007, 11:15:32 PM

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Re: US News Rankings are Bogus
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Example 1.

Of what, your douchiness and inability to express yourself? 

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