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KURDISAN....THE OTHER IRAQ...Bluewarrior's baby...remember me??

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KURDISAN....THE OTHER IRAQ...Bluewarrior's baby...remember me??
« on: September 07, 2006, 11:38:27 AM »
Kurdistan - The Other Iraq
From SourceWatch
The Kurdistan—The Other Iraq campaign, managed by the Kurdistan Development Corporation (KDC), first "launched on US television networks and print media in the week beginning Monday, November 7th 2005," according to a November 28, 2005, KDC news release. [1] (

"The campaign includes a message of thanks from the people of Iraqi Kurdistan to the people of America for their role in the liberating of Iraq and continues with information on the relative security and investment potential of the Region. Ms Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman, Chairman of the KDC spent a week in Washington being interviewed on US networks and radio," the news release said.

In November 2005, the public was invited ( to support the "The Other Iraq" by mailing contributions to Move America Forward, "ATTN: Pro-Troop Holiday Ad Fund", in Sacramento, CA.

In late July 2006, the Kurdish Regional Government ( in Northern Iraq commenced running the television ad campaign again in both the United States and the UK. The campaign is "aimed at attracting potential US and British investors to the region," the Turkish online publication Hürriyet reported ( July 27, 2006. The US public relations firm Russo Marsh & Rogers "is responsible for the ads, which were put together in coordination with the Northern Iraqi Kurdish led government."

Russo Marsh & Rogers also "founded the 'Stop Michael Moore' campaign to discredit the film Fahrenheit 9/11 and a group called 'Move America Forward', which has brought parents of dead soldiers to be counter-protesters at peace demonstrations," Aaron Glantz wrote ( July 31, 2006, for Inter Press News Service.

"The firm has also brought right-wing talk-show hosts to Iraq" on a "Truth Tour" "to tell 'the good news that the old-line liberal news media won't tell you about'," Glantz wrote.