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Im from sri lanka... Am I URM?

Im from sri lanka... Am I URM?
« on: September 04, 2006, 12:37:48 AM »
Sri lanka is island in the indean ocean...Sri Lanka has population of about 15 million..It is still a developing nation. If Asians are not URM will I fall under the catergory of or Asian.. or will i be URM?  We immigrated here when I was 11.. My parents have limmited highschool education, My mom is a teachers aid, and my dad is a cook for a resturant... and i was the first person in my family to graduate highschool and was the first to go to college. Also We are buddist... will this be enough to justify a diversity statement?

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That reminds me of an enlightening incident about identity and self-concept. I was with a group of about 15 Indians and Pakistani for a club meeting. The following discussion occurred:
"Where's Mike?"
"Who's Mike?"
"He's the Asian guy"

To which I could not help but comment: "But you're all Asian!"

And one replied: "No, no ... we're SOUTH Asian."

Now, for the URM question ... read the definitions. If none is presented on applications, it can be considered ambiguous, and you're allowed to read into it what a reasonable person would understand it to mean. I would venture that if you are American, and you're ethnic/national/religious/whatever criterion  group is found in law schools in a smaller proportion than in the general population, you qualify as underrepresented.

And CANE is right ... diversity statement is a must

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-Gillesthegreat... your story, is great insite into my cluture.
my people like to think there differnt from every one else...
thanks for the advise... ill start on my statement soon as I have my thoughts organized.