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Third topic

Third topic
« on: August 29, 2006, 09:38:06 AM »
Having written two drafts which were scrapped mid-process because I could see they weren't going to turn out very well, I've finally decided on a topic.  This was the topic I originally thought of but pushed it aside because I didn't think it would seem interesting enough or it might seem corny.  So anyways I'd love for some people to comment on my proposed topic below.  I think the story in itself is coherent but I'm wondering if I should make the effort to relate it back to skills I use at work / things that will be helpful as a lawyer or if I should just let the story stand on its own and let the adcomms make their own inferences.  And I'll be looking for readers over labor day weekend...

During college I worked at a children's community theater as their stage manager.  I did three production with them, two of which involved a full year of rehearsals and prep work.  The experience taught me a lot about myself in that it pushed me in new non-academic directions. 

In high school I was the sort of person to shy away from things I didn't think I would be the best at or at least very good.  Learning to be a stage manager and working as a stage manager forced me to try lots of things that a) I didn't think I was good and b) was never likely to become that good at such as working with teenagers, dealing with uncertainty and fluidity in situations, accepting that there isn't always going to be a perfect outcome/solution to every situation, overcoming my fear of making mistakes and potentially failing at something. 

Luckily I turned out to be a pretty good stage manager and it only on a few occasions went totally wrong.  As a result of the experience with the theater I'm a lot more willing to try new things (I did before but I tended to be terrified, which I think I hide well).  Since leaving college I've started gymnastics classes and taken some dance classes -- things that I probably wouldn't have considered before because they weren't natural talents of mine and involve a lot of mistakes before I make significant improvements in my abilities (esp. gymnastics).

On another note the experience in itself was tremendously rewarding.  I worked with fantastic people that led very different lives from the mine and those of the people I grew up around.  I followed the progress of a group of high school freshman through their senior year as they acted in differnt products.  I watched some of the older students graduate from high school and come back to work at the theater.  The people I worked with were in effect my family at college (after my roomates) because I spent so much time with them.

Re: Third topic
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I think that's a great topic - true, it's not sexy or glamorous, but that's exactly where, I think, a lot of people go wrong. An exciting topic does not an exciting essay make. Conversely, a more mundane topic does not necessarily translate into a mundane essay! I think you have a lot of positive insight as a result of this experience - I'd go for it!

and if you'd like, PM me the essay when you're done.

good luck :)