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How do you emphasize LSAT scores in a PS?


Re: How do you emphasize LSAT scores in a PS?
« Reply #20 on: August 13, 2004, 09:48:08 AM »
you might want to open by describing the mood as you entered the testing center, then you can move into how you tackled the first section...  discuss the 10 minute break and climax with the way you strategically dismantled the logc games section.


Re: How do you emphasize LSAT scores in a PS?
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dubris, I'm in the same boat.  Not-so-great GPA, great LSAT.  I, too, have 5 years WE.  So in my PS, I wrote exclusively about my WE and how it shaped my desire to go to law school.  I mentioned undergrad in 2 sentences.  I talked at length with an admissions officer at Georgetown who told me that law schools generally place high value on substantive work experience, since these applicants tend to be more focused and know exactly what they want out of a legal education.  He said that the more distance you have from undergrad (time and experience), the less your GPA will matter in admissions.  He suggested to me, as I will to you, to make the PS bring out the personal qualities that were gained/improved by work experience.  Show how your experience has focused your ambitions and motivated you specifically for a career in law.  If you can demonstrate a trend of increasing responsibilities in your job, even better.  Getting this into your resume without laundry-listing your resume will help emphasize the length of time that has passed since your undergrad and lessen the severity of a poor GPA.  If you want some ideas and send me your email address, I can send you my PS.

Sounds like excellent advice, thank you very much. I've changed my PS five times already, because I don't know what to emphasize or how. I've gone from trying to say my engineering job led me to want to do IP law (which I don't want to do, but sounds good) to saying how my job made me realize I don't want anything to do with engineering (which is the truth, but doesn't sound so good.)

If you aren't skittish about sending your PS, I'd love to read

btw, your avatar is disturbing.


Re: How do you emphasize LSAT scores in a PS?
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Same boat as well...I sometimes think my whole life is going to be defined by two years of goof-off when I was 18-20.  My approach in the personal statement is to first talk about why I want to go to law school, and then as a tag in the end, straightforwardly saying something to the affect of "With my past GPA, I should also explain why I think I'll succeed as a law student" and then briefly describe how my work experience has shown me why I wound up with so many Bs that could have been As and Cs that could have been Bs (this is a little easier for me, as my work experience is as a college prof.)...I would think this should be much more substantive than just "I've matured" or "the light bulb went off and I started to work harder", explicitely state personal habits that have changed that lead you to believe the results will be different this time.  This gets back to painting who you are as a person and not just justifying a previous low GPA.  I'd think you wouldn't want to commit more than 15% of your PS to pleading, but I can't think that it will hurt.