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Law professor writing a letter of recommendation - suggestions?


So my honors thesis advisor, who also happens to be a law professor, has agreed to write me a letter of recommendation. However, the problem is that as far as I know, he has not written any previous letters of recommendation for undergraduates applying to law school. I think I should try to make his job easier in this regard, and so I am trying to come up with a brief set of points that he could address in his letter of recommendation. I would appreciate it if you guys could help me flesh it out. Here's what I have so far (of course, this is going to be polished up into nicer language before it's sent off):

* Compare the student's writing abilities with that of law students you've worked with as a professor;
* Talk about the honors thesis, including originality of ideas, research breadth and quality, attention to detail, level of supervision required, analytical skills / reasoning ability, etc., using concrete examples if possible;
* Use letterhead
* Compare the student's overall abilities with that of the law students you've worked with - e.g., if he is capable of performing at or above that level

All suggestions are appreciated.