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Do my LOR choices make sense?


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Do my LOR choices make sense?
« on: August 22, 2006, 10:03:55 AM »
I'm planning on sending three LORs with my apps.  I'm trying to secure LORs now and wanted to make sure they make sense...any and all feedback is appreciated:

1) Professor: I never had a professor more than once.  I had two seminar classes where the professor knew me pretty well, but both were during my freshman year (~5 years ago).  Planning on asking either in person or via phone professor I took during my last semester...did well in his class and it was Business Law.  Will provide up-to-date resume, classwork of his, "why i want to go to law school" type statement.

2) Employer:  Skipping my current employer despite recently being promoted because they do not want me to leave and go back to law school (not in a law-related field).  Instead getting a recommendation from previous employer where I worked during college for two years as a law clerk and litigation case manager.  Both lawyers I worked with urged me to go back to law school and are the ones that convinced me it was the right path to take.

3) Friend/Mentor:  Personal Friend/Mentor who is also a lawyer and previously a judge.  Knows me extremely well and also went to undergrad and law school at two of the schools I want to apply to. 

Does this make sense in liue of multiple academic recs?  Thanks in advance.


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Re: Do my LOR choices make sense?
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2006, 10:57:24 AM »
There were three profs at the D.C. law forum, and two of those recommended that your LoRs be entirely, or at least by majority, from professors.  "They're wanting to know what kind of student you will be, and they want to hear that from professors," one of them said.

The one who stressed outside LoRs from mentors/friend, etc. was the admissions rep from Liberty, a conservative Christian school. So I'm going with three professors.   I could use a former or current supervisor, but I think the profs are a better choice based on the info at the Forum.