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Took Feb LSAT, Thinking of Retaking in Sept--Study Strategy?

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Hey everyone. For those who have been regular posters pre-Feb, you should remember me. I was quite a regular poster back then, so greetings if any of you are still lurking.

So I took the Feb test and was averaging 169 (167-171 range) but got a 164. I was most concerned about LG but practiced my butt off and started improving significantly. I generally did well on LR (1 to 3 wrong per section on average) and was ok with RC. In any case, I don't think my lower score was because of test-day jitters but perhaps because I under-studied for LR. Nonetheless, I feel like I really should be able to do better than the 164, especially given my practice scores. I'm considering taking the LSAT this September. The only problem is that in preparing for the Feb test, I used all of the recent preptests ('99 to '05 I believe). As for the slightly older ones, I used the games sections from some of those so I can't really re-take those tests and use the resulting score as a reliable indicator. The only options would be: a) Kaplan/PR-created tests, b) really old tests (pre-96ish), and c) the tripleprep or superprep (whichever one has the undisclosed Feb tests...I haven't taken these, and d) the june '05 test

So, as you can see, my main concern is that I won't have much study material, as I realize taking preptests is the best way to study. The other concern is whether I have enough time between now and Sept 30 to get back all the knowledge I have (it's been 6 months so maybe not too long) and to also improve on that so I can be confident into the test Sept 30. I'm also working generally 9-7ish so it's tough to find time to study. Weekends would be my best bet and perhaps if I can squeeze in an hour or two on weekdays.

I'd appreciate any kinds of advice in general on whether you think I should re-take in Sept or perhaps later and also if you have any insights on what you think I should/could study. Sorry if I've left out some crucial info or if this seemed incoherent but i'm posting from work so not fully paying attention  :)

Oh, and stevo87* (I think that's your nick) I know you retook and were in a similar situation so I'd be interesting to hear your thoughts if you're out there.