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How important the undergraduate major(s) in law school admissions?
I attened a law school info. session at my school last semester,
and I found out that quite a lot of people in there were Poli.Sci major.
I am thinking of double major in Econ & (Theater OR Math OR CS OR Psyc.)
Would law schools consider that art courses like theater studies
less compelling than other liberal arts courses?

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I have read in many  creditable sources that there is no best undergrad major, although there are many suggestions for majors based on basic skills that a law student should have.  Ex)english (writing and speaking skills), Econ (problem solving skills) etc....  Interestingly, I have even heard of schools discouraging polysci majors due to a possibility of it being a cliché major, though I have rarely seen this argument.  Overall, from what I gather, most law schools prefer a diverse background in undergrad majors, hopefully to create a diverse student body. 


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At a information session at the University of Michigan Law School in 2001, I was told that the most successful Michigan undergraduate majors at Michigan law were:

1. English (Honors)
2. History (Honors)
3. Poli. Sci. (Honors)
4. English
5. History
6. Poli. Sci.

That is, English majors in the Honors College at Michigan undergrad did the best at Michigan Law out of all Michigan undergrads studying at Michigan Law.  I know that your question revolved more around "does it matter what I do" as opposed to "how will I do better in law school."