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I need help! What's the best time for the LSAT? What materials do you recommend?


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Hi All,

I'm new to this board (just decided to apply to law school), and I thank everyone in advance for your advice!

Here's are some concerns. Feel free to answer all/some of the questions.:

1. I just took a practice LSAT from Kaplan, and scored 156, but is it just me, or are the Kaplan explainations really hard to follow? I'm looking for recommendations for good LSAT books/materials. Does anyone have any idea where to get accurate practice tests? I'm not planning to take a class, but I'd like to give myself a chance to improve, hopefully with the best materials possible.

2. I finished UG at UCLA w/a 3.2 in English, and I'm currently in my second year of grad school (UCLA again) for a Masters in Education, which will end in June, and I'm also working semi-full time in real estate. My grad GPA will probably be 3.7, but how will it weigh against my fairly low low UG GPA?

3. The LSAT's are June, Oct, Dec, and Feb. Which one is best? Since I plan to apply in 2005, I can take the LSAT's on any of these dates. However, I do want to score my best, and I'd like some advice about the trends of the LSAT dates. I.e., do most people take the exam in Oct, after their finished with summer tutoring? Would you score lower because you're competing with such individuals? Will I do better in Feb because less people are taking the test?

If someone could please lay out the circumstances and mental states of individuals who choose each of the dates, I would be extremely grateful. A list would be nice!


Welcome to the board.

It really depends what schools you're considering.  For Tier 3 and 4, taking the LSAT as late as February wouldn't hurt you too much.  For top schools, applicants are usually advised to complete their applications by Thanksgiving (or even earlier) to be competitive for admission, so I would say October is OK but June would've been ideal. I believe that December scores are accepted also, but everyone I know in law school has urged me to finish my apps by Oct/Nov.


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I don't think you graduate gpa will influence the decision very much.  Index will be based on UGPA and LSAT.

As far as LSAT time:

June - nice weather, afternoon start time, early enough to retake in Oct if you choke
Oct - nice weather, too close to retake in December if you choke, a lot of schools open apps in Sept - before LSAT test
Dec- weather may be crappy, awful late for most schools, screws up holidays with studying
Feb- crappy weather, too late for admin to most schools, studying will lag during holidays

Since you're in school you have to take into account what classes (if any) you'll be in when you prep for the test.  Also will you be working FT or PT after you graduate as this may cut into your prep time.

I'd recommend June for the LSAT if you think you're prepped.