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Author Topic: Grad Plus checklist........Am I doing this right?  (Read 497 times)


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Grad Plus checklist........Am I doing this right?
« on: August 02, 2006, 12:40:18 PM »
Okay, I just want to make sure I did this all correctly.

1.  My school sent me an e-mail which linked to a GradPlus loan request form.  I filled it out and faxed it in.
2.  I went on-line and signed the MPN.

Is there anything else I was supposed to do?  I didn't go through Access or SallieMae.  I just faxed that form in and have been waiting for a response.  Do I need to go to one of those sites (Access Group or SallieMae) and fill out their application as well???  Will my school notify me if I am approved/denied?

Just wondering from other individuals experiences is this the process they went through??