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I have been taking practice LSATS for some time now, and was able to tell that I didn't do as well as I could of yesterday (21/21 on the experimental section just doesn't do you any good)on the real thing. Anyway, I was thinking about cancelling my score.  Does anyone have input on whether or not this will count against me in any way during admissions?  Hopefully I can be a bit more prepared and get the luck of the draw in June.

Just from personal experience, I canceled my score early Feb last year and retook the test in Oct.  Im glad that I did knowing I did not do even close to how I did in Oct after taking a prep class. Im not sure if it will effect my applications, I have been accepted to four of ten schools so far, deferred at one and waiting on the others. Personally, I think it is better to cancel if you KNOW you did not do well because deciding to retake it later and averaging is painful.  But if you feel you did well you might let it ride.  Good luck either way!

Everyone considers canceling their scores...believe me.  I would suggest that you do it only if you believe that you want to go through all of the studying once again, and if you truly believe that you did poorly, and that you could do better.

I agree with Nicky.  I think it's a lot easier to recognize that you've done poorly than it is to recognize that you've done well.

When I took the LSAT I thought I was off to a great start.  About halfway through the test I felt like it wasn't going quite as well.  I made the decision to cancel my score... but then I was too lazy on the last day to get myself to a fax machine.  I ended up doing just fine and I was really happy I didn't cancel my score.

Still, cancelling your score shouldn't have any effect on admissions because you can still take the June exam and have plenty of time to apply.  If you think you can improve and you can bring yourself to continue to prepare - by all means cancel that score.

I knew going into the Feb LSAT that I hadn't prepared for the Logical Reasoning as much as I should.  I had scored 21/24 on some sections and then there were the times I score a mere 17.  I didn't finish the LR sections during the LSAT and had to just bubble in the last 4 or 5.  I feel that spending some time between now and June, I can learn to pace myself better. I need to spend as much time on the other two sections as I did with games and I should have the same kind of improvement. I don't think that all that I've learned thus far will be gone by June, in fact, I kind of feel relieved knowing I have more time.  The methods I've learned with regards to games will surely stick with me with a little practice and the extra time spent on the other sections will give me the confidence I need to score what I know I should.  Thanks for all of your suggestions. I'm taking a study break for a week or so, and then back on the horse.


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