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Isreal Takes Down the Terrorists


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Re: Isreal Takes Down the Terrorists
« Reply #80 on: August 12, 2006, 03:49:35 PM »
as far as how this conflict began, it did NOT begin with rockets fired by hezbollah. it started with hezbollah kidnapping TWO soldiers, as a bargaining chip to release lebanese and palestinian WOMEN AND CHILDREN from israeli prisons!
israel retaliated by essentially carpet bombing civilian residences whee hezbollah leaders were SUSPECTED of residing, thereby killing dozens of civilians in the process.
THEN,and only then did hezbollah launch rockets, not because they want to "kill as many israeli civilians possible", but bc they cant afford the hundreds of F-16s and cluster bombs that the US is selling to israel.

and the precedent for negotiating with "terrorists" was created by ariel sharon of all people, who agreed to a similar deal a few years earlier.

second, hezbollah is NOT a terrorist organization. it is a resistance movement created in response to israel occupying southern lebanon in the 1970s..

and now, they are proving their relevance and necessity. if it werent for them, israel would merely continue to bully and strongarm people (innocent and otherwise) who are barely capable of defending themselves.
Hezbollah is also responsible for much humanitarian and philanthropic work in lebanon.

if you look up the REAL definition of terrorism, it is easier to indict israel than hezbollah.

wake the f*ck up people. there is a reason why the ONLY broad based support for israels current actions lies in only 1.israel and 2. the united states.