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In at Tulsa !!!


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Re: In at Tulsa !!!
« Reply #10 on: July 27, 2006, 09:47:42 AM »
Anyone know anything about this school ? I'm considering going for Fall 06.

You might want to make a decision fairly soon, our first day of class is 8/13.  Are you already in the area?  Did you get to attend pre-law day or reg day?

Orientation is on the 13th. Offical day for first class is 21 or 22. I was just in the area. I picked up my enrollment packet, spoke to Cordell dean of admission, got my ID, and arranged housing.
I did not get to attend pre-law day or reg day. What did I miss? 

Sounds like you have most of the work done...didn't miss to much on either day, as long as you have your packet you should have all the material we got then.  We had some speakers, some mock classes, and some basis information classes covering common questions that 0Ls have.  There were also tours of the school, and information about the various student orgs at the school.  Sounds like we are going to most of the information at orientation. 

Good luck to you, hope to see you in August.


Sweet. Is there a Jewish student org on campus? Also, can you tell me your impression of the mock classes? Also, do you know if books can be ordered online? Can we buy used books? Any discussion there
Immense Thanks, looking forward to meeting in Aug.


Don't know for sure about the Jewish student org, but off the top of my head I don't think so.  You can check the website, as they have all the orgs listed there. 

Regarding books, I was on campus Monday and checked at the bookstore.  They have some of the books in, but said that all will be available after 7/31.  If you go to , there is a link to the online bookstore.  You should be able to purchase what you need from the site (I assume).  I don't know whether used books are going to be offered from the site, or if new will be the only option.