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Washington State Supreme Court Upholds Legislative Ban on Same-Sex Marriage


Today they had a radio call-in asking about gay people who feel like they can't come out at their job, the way that the N'Sync guy did. But, this story was relevant to this thread.

A guy called in and said he couldn't come out at his job b/c he works at a prison. And then they were like, oh yeah i understand that. But, do you think they already know? And he said, well I'm married to a lesbian so if anybody asks then thats true so there aren't alot of questions. So, then they asked how that happened, and he said that he was in the military and met this lesbian and they got married to get the military benefits and avoid the don't ask/don't tell policy. Now that they're both out of the military, he lives in il and she lives in michigan. How crazy is that? For the sanctity of marriage's sake, I'd much rather see him married to the actual person he wants to spend his life with. LOL!


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Yeah, call me stupid but I think marriage is about a heck of a lot more than "one man and one woman".

Whatever happened to love?


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Examples of Republican Hypocrisy:

Ronald Reagan tried to join the American Communist Party's leadership, but when he was rejected, started naming other Communists to Joseph McCarthy's House Unamerican Activities Committee.

Newt Gingrich tried to have Bill Clinton thrown out of office for having extramarital sex, at the same time that Gingrich himself was having an affair.

Strom Thurmond supported racial segregation laws forbidding people of different ethnic background from having sex, even though he had himself fathered a child with an underage African-American servant who was working in his parents' house.

Rush Limbaugh spent years calling for strict sentences for drug abusers, but suddenly changed his tune and pleaded for leniency when he was caught illegally abusing drugs himself.

The latest example of this pattern of conservative hypocrisy about freedom comes from Virginia Congressman Ed Schrock.

Ed Schrock has been one of the most conservative Republicans in Washington D.C. - so staunch in his cultural conservatism that his voting record earned a 92 percent approval rating from the Christian Coalition. Mr. Schrock not only voted for outlawing same-sex marriage, he actually co-sponsored the Federal Marriage Amendment, a piece of legislation that would have made same sex marriage automatically illegal nationwide.

In his time in Congress, Schrock has sought every possible opportunity to persecute gays and lesbians. For example, Congressman Schrock made a big deal about publicizing his opposition to Bill Clinton's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, which attempted to prevent discrimination against gays and lesbians in the United States military. In his speeches against toleration of gays and lesbians in the military, Ed Schrock raised his voice to a shrill pitch in order to emphasize how icky he believed homosexuals to be. "You're in the showers with them!" he screeched. "You're in the bunk room with them, you're in staterooms with them!"

In short, Republican politician Ed Schrock used his power as a member of Congress to prevent gays and lesbians from having access to the basic freedoms that other Americans enjoy. You'd think that Mr. Schrock was himself a strict heterosexual family man. You'd think that, but you'd be wrong. Here's the kicker: It turns out that Ed Schrock himself regularly engaged in gay sex.

In August 2004, activist Michael Rogers used his Blogactive web site to carefully research and then expose Ed Schrock's hypocrisy. Before outing Schrock, Rogers gained corroborating evidence from several sources, including an audiotape of Schrock calling up a gay dating service in order to request a good-looking, fit young male with whom to have casual sex:

I'd just like to get together with a guy from time to time just to -- just to play. I'd like him to be, uh, in very good shape, flat stomach, good chest, good arms, well hung, cut, uh, just get naked, play, and see what happens, nothing real heavy duty, but just a fun time, go down on him, he can go down on me, and just, uh, take it from there. Hope to hear from you. Bye

I have a feeling he's not the only hypocrite on this side of the issue.

Washington post article about his resignation in 2004.


lol! so ridiculous.


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so typical all the worst homophobes are closet cases imo straight people just dont really care..."me thinks the lady doth protest too much"