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gpa is 3.82, what kind of lsat do i need to get into uva, upenn, duke, or gtown?


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i'm taking the lsat in september, and i wanted to know what i should be aiming at to get into the schools i want...

i live in DC, and would love to stay here, so despite the lower ranking, georgetown is probably my #1...

what kind of lsat am i looking at to have a good shot of getting in?

Thanks for the help!
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3.8 is georgetown's 75%, so as long as you reach its median lsat score of 169 you should be fine in my opinion. For UVA and Penn, maybe 170? The best place to check is if you have not been there yet.


a 180 should do the trick.

If you're a UVA alum, they'll accept (basically) anyone with a 3.5+ and 167 and a few with 166s. If not, prolly 168 bare minimum, 169 to be on the safe side.

Duke confused the hell out of me this cycle so I can't really say much about them. I imagine GTown is around 167?

These are prolly bare minimum numbers so if you do get around high 160s, the little things like your LORs are going to be the tipping points for your app. If for some reason you get a 165, try again. It's prolly not going to be enough for most T14s.

Best of luck.
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3.59(3.65 final)/165


hey, i had a 3.82 when I applied. I got a 161 and applied to all those schools (except penn).  I cant tell you what you need to get, but I can tell you that wasnt it.  Consider GW also though. They love GPAs. 

Also, you could be spending the time you are taking reading this studying right now :)

jk, just dont let the pressure get to you. I had a 167 going into test day... in 3 weeks no one will care what i got on my test.

I have a 3.87 from UCLA.  Its my experience that the GPA usually doesn't mean poop!  The LSAT score is what you should be worried about.

The only time I have seen it make a difference is when the school is trying to recruit minorities.  For example if a schoo is under-represented by an ethnic group and a candidate has a lower LSAT than they are looking for, they might consider the person if their GPA was outstanding.


I disagree with you slightly. In my case, gpa made the difference. Sure, lsats would have been much better. If you have a tough major and a good gpa it will often atleast get you on to the waitlist. from there, they consider soft factors.  My scores where complete crap and my gpa saved me slightly. 


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Above a 166 for Duke, apparently.
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Not that this matters, but I always find this question to be a funny one.  What good does the answer do you?  You won't underperform to intentionally achieve only the minimum expected requirement, and knowing that it takes a 167 doesn't help you get it.

I'm not ripping on the OP in particular.  I just always thought of the process in this way: get good grades, do the best you can on the LSAT, and choose schools based on where you end up.


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I should say that there is a less assholely angle to my post.

You might work hard, pull a 175 and laugh about worrying about getting into Duke.