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Albany (FT) or Pace (PT), please help!!!

Albany (FT) or Pace (PT), please help!!!
« on: July 19, 2006, 01:53:58 PM »
I really loved the Pace campus, their clinical offerings etc, but I have only been admitted part-time.  I know almost nothing about Albany and have never even seen the city.  I have also heard rumblings that the students of Albany regularly bumping heads with the administration, but have heard only good reviews of Pace.  I think I would ultimately like to work in the NY/NJ/CT area.  Please help me, is it worth going to Pace part-time and transferring to full-time after a year or should I go to Albany full-time. 

Albany average starting salary was about 10K lower than Pace, but Im assuming this is offset by the low cost of living in upstate NY.  Anyway, please offer whatever advice you can.  Thanks.

p.s. Im going to visit Albany this Friday, so I will hopefully have a better idea thn.