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How amazing are Cady and Melbelle? VOTE YOU FUCKERS

Super great
7 (16.7%)
Really awesome
6 (14.3%)
Totally tubular to the max
7 (16.7%)
I want to hump them
11 (26.2%)
None of these options can describe their greatness
11 (26.2%)

Total Members Voted: 18

Cady and Melbelle's Terrific Twinfaced Ten Thousandth Post Extravaganza


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First post on the OTB, in the “Favorite US Presidents” thread

This post made me laugh because when I was 10 or something, I went through all the presidents in my history book and chose my favorite (Woodrow Wilson at the time).  I don't remember all my reasons for the choice, but clearly we are all nerds. :)

Official welcome to the OTB

cville, i haven't seen you around the OTB much. welcome.

All the threads here have too many posts!  I can't read them all at work, so I lurk and skim.  :)

Just in case you wonder what my problem is

i think i would be lonely without LSD. the peers at my school are so TTT.

My youngest coworker is 20+ years older and most of them only graduated from HS, and I deal with a bunch of idiotic, parents-holding-their-hands UG students every day, so I have to look to LSD for some tiny glimmer of intelligence in my life.  :D

The ever-important name change

Ok, because I could not be original at this moment in time, I just used my real name.  My anonymity is fading away........  :o

melanie! i would've never guessed.

What would you have guessed?  Tiffany?  Gertrude?  Just wondering.   :D

A few important facts

Melanie keeps at least 15 bottles of wine around at any given time.  Melanie is a wino.

I love toasters.

I'm the queen of the postwhoring club.  That's prestigious.

Melanie’s rapid ascent to 10k

w00t I made it past 500 posts tonight.   :D

I must postwhore for my life in the next 30 minutes to break 1000

Why does my post count say "leet?"

Where is my fanfare for being your new queen?!?!?!?!

Wow I hit 2000 posts and I didn't even notice.

One day, I will also become obsessed... but I'm still lingering in the 2000s :(

WOOOO I'm over 3k posts!

w00t I hit 4k posts!!!!  Yay for me!  Obsessed is just around the corner... :D

I predict that I'll reach 5k around the end of June.  When props mentioned that things might slow down for the summer, I made a plan where I will make a new account for my cat, and I'll just talk back and forth with him if no one else is around.

Yeah, it was mad slow this weekend.  If I weren't queen of postwhoring, it would have been tough for me to hit 5k. :D

Well, this is a little sad, but...

May 11 - 2000
May 20 - 3000
May 24 - 4000
May 29 - 5000

Leaving everyone to wonder, "What did Melanie DO before she came on LSD?"

2800 posts, wooohooo I'm so going to school kev in our race to 5k. :D

you go girl. this summer, i'm going to hit 10k.

10K is so uber-prestigious.  It would be cool if there was a level for it.

Yeah really.  If I get bored this summer I might be able to hit it.

get to 5k first honey deario.

I'm just thinking BIG, pumpkin. 

It would be tough, but I might be able to pull it off.  And then I'll say, "HA!"  :D

Melanie becomes queen of the p-dub club

she needs a hot and spicy title.


I sense this turning into an interesting discussion.

i think you should consider bein the queen....

Oooh, the queen to your king?  ;)

Ok.  I wish to be crowned queen.  Let me take my throne.

ladies and gentlemen of the p-dub club, i hearby announce melanie as the queen of the p-dub club. please adorn her royal heiness with words of admiration.

Now I feel special.  There are nice things about being queen. ;)


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I'm almost at 1000 and I'm almost at 40 posts a day... :D

ktja and I are gunning for 60.  But mine will drop next week. :(

Whoa my posts per day is 60 now.  ktja, we are getting a little scary with our posts per day count.

It certainly lends prestige and a certain je ne sais quoi.

yeah if by this you mean "gosh don't these girls have anything better to do with their time"ness

(the answer, btw, is no)

HAHAHA I didn't think about it in those terms, but yes.  It's mysterious...

72.645  :-[


melanie, you need to work harder to get to 5K!

Whatev, I'm doing exceptionally well.  I'm almost over 70 posts a day, so  :P

Oh my goodness KJ, I am at 79 posts per day and you're at 85.  We are really bad.

KJ, you and I have over 80 posts per day now.  This is getting a little out of control.  :D

KJ, stop deleting!  You're under 90 posts per day and you're making me look like a freak. 

Don't worry, Chica, I'm currently the biggest LSD loser with a smashing 96+ posts per day!!!! :D :D


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I'm an extremely overqualified administrative assistant  :)

Just like me.  The "they know I have nothing better to do with my time" statement is also just like me. :)

Melanie thinks that ktja reminds her a lot of a girl she knew back in New York.  But Melanie is sure ktja is much cooler than this girl.

ktja thinks that  is sad

ktja's roommate's friend just gave ktja some lilacs

this makes ktja happy, because they are her favorite flowers

Melanie definitely thinks ktja should come to Virginia because there is a lilac bush growing outside Melanie's house!


ktja's parents have a lilac hedge

ktja has missed the lilacs blooming for 5 years now

when ktja was in grade school, she would bring her teachers lilacs

ktja was a big dorky nerd then, too

Melanie was a big dorky nerd then too.   :)

Hiya melbelle

That's kind of a cute nickname.  You remind me more of that girl I once told you about.  She used to call me weird nicknames, but this one is ok.

boo you whore

girl fight!

ktja and I would never have a girl fight.  She's a Melanie-o, or didn't you know?

Ktja if you keep posting the way you are, you'll be Obsessed in less than a month. 

yeah kinda sad huh

You go girl

The rest of the p-dub club is out... partying for Cinco de Mayo... going insane with thoughts in Tuscaloosa, AL... BUT NOT MELANIE AND KTJA!!!  No, they are here... celebrating May 5 on LSD, because they can.  And now we must rule the p-dub thread to show how truly dedicated we are to the p-dubbing cause.  While others indulge in real lives and frivolous activities, WE ARE HERE, POSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah for real.  But regardless, we are clearly the most beautiful and accomplished postwhores of the p-dub club.

ktja is awesome

Seconded.  :D

I think we would get along great IRL, ktja.  Our minds are just, like, connected.

I'm still contemplating being queen.  I really think ktja are I are like co-queens of postwhoring... as far as the club goes.

Hey KJ, I've decided that we are twins.

Hey KJ, I've decided that we are twins.
yeah?  I see a resemblance

I basically decided I have a really f-ing generic face to go with a really f-ing generic name

Yeah and I also think we're just really similar personality-wise... and since we discovered another shared piece of the past today, we're sooooooo twins!  :D

I am a postwhore, and I keep on truckin' even when I'm talking to myself. :)

yeah i think so too  :) :)
AND we share post-whoredom

Yeah so basically we're the awesomest non-biological twins ever.

God KJ, we are a pair tonight.  Even more evidence that we're twins.

u have more posts than me now, KJ. thats pretty prestigious.


i have a problem

As do I.  But the first step is admitting that.  Then we can follow the steps.

I think kj and MAP have crushes on each other.

Nah we just feel a sisterly bond b/c we're so similar.  :D

As your 5000th post present, I found this picture that I believe is a physical represenation of our mental twinness:

LMAO that's awesome, KJ.  :D

yeah but i'm extra special

i need the ego boost anywhere I can get it, ok?  :D

Ok, KJ, you are more special because you're my twin. ;)

Happy now? :D

i don't really serve a purpose
but I'm there, and I'm fricking hard to get rid of

What a wise assessment of your LSD role. :D

I feel much the same... WE'RE F-ING TWINS BABY!

its ok melbelle i know nothing about sports either


hmm.. maybe this belongs in my sig.

i could like drive to alabama and yell at them for you

That's because you're my twinface.  And I really like that word. :D :D

Guest      05:34:17 PM     Viewing Melbelle's profile.
stop stalking my twinface!


It's just because I'm so hot. 

i better go pay attention to her.  we're going to watch a movie and go to sleep.

night folks.  i hewrat you big time.  even more than i hewrat bunnies


We hewrat you too, twinface!!!


I've had to exist at work for 3.5 hours without my twinface, and it's been most horrible.


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To all my darling p-dubbers and other off-topic posters...
You guys rock my world. I found you all at a very strange time in my life-away from almost all of my closest friends, alone in a city I never wanted to live in, on the cusp of a major and very frightening transition.  You have entertained me while I was at the most ridiculous job known to man, making me laugh just when I thought I was about to die of boredom.  You have provided me with stimulating conversation when I was surrounded by morons. You have shown more confidence in me than I often show in myself. You have cheered me up when I was sad, and reassured me when I was scared. You've lifted me up when everyone else in my life was dragging me down with their burdens. You've opened your hearts to me, and allowed me to open my heart to you. You have become truly cherished friends. I'm so glad to have shared this part of my life with you, and look forward to sharing the days, weeks, months, and years to come with you, some of the most intelligent, driven, witty, interesting, and caring people I have ever encountered.

All sappiness aside (although what else would you expect from me?), you bitches rule.

aaw. :)


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I may be writing a little tribute later on  :-*


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I may be writing a little tribute later on  :-*



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I hit 10,000 and I think Pres told me congrats.

I didn't have any of this fun stuff  :'(

That's because you don't have a twinface


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i think so

she got a phone call write after we finished posting stuff so we hung up (yes, we phone-coordinated our posting, shut up)



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but its the best kind of special