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Bachelor Degree from Devry????

Bachelor Degree from Devry????
« on: July 13, 2006, 07:02:01 PM »
First, is Devry any better than community college?  Can one with a Bachelor degree from Devery apply to law school? 

Re: Bachelor Degree from Devry????
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Hi there!

check with

and the state bar where you'd like to attend law school.

ABA accredited law schools meet those criterias.

hopefully this helps. also, i have NO idea how devry would compare to a community college. you should weigh the options...ask a LOT of questions to the schools where you're doing your undergrad.

ps: i do know that in some states you can become an attorney without a law degree perse. HOWEVER states that allow this are few and far in between. AND, it's really the VERy, very, very small majority that do 1 in a million.

there was something that i read one time that someone attended Harvard, without an undergrad degree all together because the person was proven to be a succesful professional, who was capable of succeeding in law school. ...

also, for example: In California, all you need to do is pass the CA bar exam!

there are many, many of ways of being an attorney. don't focus on the fact that you have a degree from devry (i'm assuming you have or are thinking about persuing a degree from this school). focus on what you'd like to accomplish.

most people who attend devry want a career in something that's very "trade" related. like being a paralegal. they're not looking for a doctorate degree (a JD is a doctorate degree). however, nothing is impossible!

Re: Bachelor Degree from Devry????
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I assume DeVry would have to have a reputable accreditation whereby most of the credits you took there would be transferrable to other institutions. In addition, your bachelor's degree would probably need to have a comparable amount of credit hours to other bachelor's degrees.

Re: Bachelor Degree from Devry????
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Rule #1 in life:

Never, ever, go to a school that advertises in the Subway.