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Oh, also, how does one get Dean's Certification?  Instructions wouldn't be a bad idea on this page, either.  I will be adding instructions as people provide them.


--- Quote from: MaraudingJ on July 13, 2006, 05:32:24 PM ---Beautiful, thanks.

Addendums will be added to the list.  What sort of addendums are we looking at?

--- End quote ---

I don't expect to write one, but I know other people do in order to explain low GPA (or low grades during a given period of time), low LSAT, or a minor criminal record.

Also, there are optional essays- some strongly reccomend that an applicant complete these, especially the 'Why Our Law School' essay.

As for reccomendations, all the schools I've looked at required at least one, most require two. I don't think I've seen any schools reccomend more than two (whether more than two is a good idea regardless, I'm not sure). I'd predict for the vast majority of applicants, two will be the minimum required by at least one of the schools they apply to. 

This thread has info on the Dean's certification. Cornell, Harvard, Stanford, BU, and some other schools require it.

Again, you rule.  Thanks!

Statement of purpose for the very few schools that ask "why law school"

A collectiong of "why X essays (Penn, Michigan, etc).

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