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Georgetown does?

Cornell is killing sent end of November...DC sent shortly after yet my status checker still says applied...I've called and they're like "we have sooo much mail, it's probably around here."  I'm just worried that my DC could have gotten lost in th email or something and I won't find out till Feb. aaahhhh!!

Ok I have registered with the LSAC...and have both academic references entered into LSAC. I am sending the transcript requests this week (I went to 3 different undergrad schools). Next on my list is to register for the Sep LSAT. Am applying to UDC, UBALT, APP ST, GMU and URich as of right now. The rest depend on how well I do on the LSAT. I am in my 40's so I am not sure how the non traditional aspect will apply. Any advice here would be great thanks......

The non-trad really won't make to much of a difference to an admissions committee. Your GPA and LSAT are the main considerations and if you are a minority that also plays a huge role into admission. Other than your GPA/LSAT score your "soft" factors work experience, LOR's etc won't mean much unless you did something really impressive. 


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