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publications on resume? separate section for awards or embedded w/ educ?

I have authorship on 1 book chapter, 4 articles and 7 abstracts in journals

they take up about 2/3rds of a page. should I not put the abstracts on there? they are published, in leading journals.  I can condense the rest of the material-- work, education and other info onto another 1 and 1/3 page so its 2 pages total. but if I went to 3 pages it would be a little easier on the eyes. is 3 too long?

also-- separate section for awards? 



I don't think that LS is the right situation for a CV, so you want to keep the resume two pages or fewer. I don't think you need 2/3 of a page for your publications. A short list should do and then you can dedicate more time your education and work experience. Applications usually ask for awards in a separate area, so you can include that in another document, or you may want to make one resume with education and WE and a second document with awards and honors that includes your publications.

thanks. yeah-- with 11 items, 2 lines each to include the whole citation, and a space in between, Im at 33 lines. so separating it off might be a good idea.