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Latino immigrants aren't the only ones that have negative stereotypes against African Americans.  I can tell you from personal experience that Caribbean blacks that immigrate to New York City develop negative stereotypes against African Americans after a very short period of time. 


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...And so comes the question. What came first? The chicken or the egg?


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This study isn't really surprising or cutting edge, DSCH. Well maybe it is to non-immigrants. But anyway, being from an immigrant family, I think most immigrants have an initially negative view of African Americans because:

A) From Africa to South America to Europe to Asia to anywhere, negative portrayals of African Americans are what we are exposed to before coming to America.

B) We came here for a better life = Seek to ally ourselves with power = Opportunistic preference for White Americans.

C) There's only so much to go around and White Americans have taken the majority. Many African Americans are aware they are in competition with immigrants for what's left = Tension between immigrants of all groups and African Americans.

D) There are just more White Americans, especially in the nice areas most immigrants aspire to live in. If you're around a group long enough, you're going to identify with them more.

I don't think this is a racial thing. African and Caribbean immigrants seem just as prone to identifying with White Americans as other immigrants. And I don't think this 'phenomenon' speaks to any merit White Americans may or may not have. Plus I also think that with enough exposure, most immigrants eventually learn that automatic stereotyping of African Americans is unfair and backwards.

SO let me get this straight....If latino immigrants have a bias unfavorable to blacks, it is because of the whites.

Nowhere in my post did I make or imply such a simplistic explanation, or its equivalent.

And then you follow up with explaining away the study, and finish with giving the latino immigrants the benefit of the doubt. ???

I don't know what you mean. My post was not about Latino immigrants--it was about immigrants as a group. My purpose was not to explain away or give the benefit of the doubt. I shared my opinion based on my experience.
Fair enough


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I wonder why Latino immigrants who congregate more often in urban areas, esp. illegals who don't qualify for gov't benefits, have a poor view of blacks. They labor dusk till dawn to get by and send money home while seeing what the loitering that goes on around housing projects with people who "can't find a job"...

I'm out before being called a racist.
  Note all claims related to what Latino immigrants actually see based on where they congregate.

You are a racist trollik. You admittedly don't know much about welfare - don't try to tell me there aren't Latinos on welfare. Oh and - gasp - a lot of whities are on welfare too.


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Researchers found that 58.9 percent of Latino immigrants -- most Latinos in Durham are from Mexico -- feel that few or almost no blacks are hard-working.

when I used to manage a restaurant, I was amazed by the work ethic of our hispanic (immigrant) employees...they would put in a solid 40 hours for us, then go to their other job and put in another 40...

I'm quite certain that they consider anyone with just one job as not very hard working...