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Anyone planning on getting a pda or pda/cell phone hybrid for law school?

Is anyone planning on getting a pda or pda/cell phone hybrid for law school to help stay organized? I have my sidekick right now which has pretty good organizational features. It has a to do list and a calendar, both of which I can wireless sync up to my outlook tasks and outlook calendar.

The Motorola Q just came out recently and the sidekick III just came out today. Anyone planning on getting such a device and if so, which one?


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I can answer the first question as no. Honestly it is a big reason why I chose an ultraportable. I got rid of my iPAQ 3835 a few months ago and I don't see myself replacing it anytime soon.

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You need a PDA to keep track of the meeting times of 5 classes? A post it would be a lot cheaper

You need a PDA to keep track of the meeting times of 5 classes? A post it would be a lot cheaper

I already have mine (I got it for work purposes). so I figured why not put it to good use & use it for law school as well. It wouldn't only be for scheduling classes; I would also use it for scheduling deadlines, assigment due dates etc.


I got a cingular 8125 and it is kickass..

I dont think having it for school is necessary, but I think it will definitly help.  Plus it is totally cool..;)


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I've actually owned my pda for almost two years now- the Loox 720- and it has come in very handy for organizational purposes so I figure I might as well use it for law school. It has wireless, bluetooth, VOIP, a camera, CF/SD, pretty much everything so I see myself using it from time to time in lieu of my laptop when I don't feel like lugging it around. I don't know that I would recommend someone go out and buy one specifically for law school, but if you have one already why not use it right? Plus, it makes for a good conversational piece with the big-wigs- I've whipped mine out a couple of times in a professional setting and many of the men were impressed that as a women I was so into gadgets and they were especially awed at the features it had. With that said, it probably wouldn't hurt to bust one out during OCI- all about image right?


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i use a treo 650 extensively.  keeping track of classes is one thing; keeping track of classes + group meetings + study meetings + appointments with professors + westlaw/lexis training + writing assignment deadlines + class scheduling deadlines + personal life is another.

some people prefer a handwritten datebook, i prefer my treo.

i also use it to keep movies and music on tap.  internet access doesn't hurt, either.  oh yeah.. that 'phone' thing comes in handy also.


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i'll be taking my treo 658 with me. i use it for tasks and calendar synching mainly. haven' tused it for movies or music yet.

if i was going to get a new one, i'd most definitely go with the Q. they are just so darn COOL.
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I almost got a Treo 650, until I realized that for law school I'm much more interested in streamlining.  Besides, I'll almost always have my computer with me.  My Tungsten E will suffice.
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In addition to all of those benefits that you all listed above, dont forget that you can sync you're notes onto your PocketPC/PDA (mine has a 1gb mini-sd card) for backup/having them with you at all times.