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Looking at Patent Law - Questions on Majors

Re: Looking at Patent Law - Questions on Majors
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I'm a legal assistant at a patent lawfirm; my B.S. was in Microbiology.  My advice is to stick to the list of majors approved to sit for the patent bar.  The name of the major is pretty much completely irrelevant; it is better to be broad than narrow though.  As to finding jobs outside of the law, employers will know what your skills are after interviewing you; they really don't care what your major is as long as you have those skills.  This is why lab-intensive majors like Chemistry and Microbiology have such good placement rates in industry.  Biophysics is a hot field right now, but it is not necessary to major in it unless you want to go on to do the PhD in Biophysics and even then I think it is overkill. When you hear it's a "hot" research field you are correct, it is, and if you want to do a PhD there it is a good option.  However, you absolutely do not need to be a biophysicist to do patent law.

Don't worry about what school you go to very much.  The only thing I will say is that a school with a good alumni network is far better than a "higher" ranked school with no network.  Those people are your connection when you want a job.  Virtually all of my classmates landed their current (generally pretty good, including mine) jobs through alumni networks. Alumni doner rates and other statistics can clue you into how a school stacks up here but the better approach it to take a look at the politicians and lawyers in your state or community.  Where did they go to school?  You will see the same schools over and over.  Why?  Because those schools have a respected reputation amongst their alumni, enough so that when an alum is conducting a job search, he/she is confident in selecting an alum of their school for the job. 

All the best.