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Hi Everyone,

I'm Loi.  I was wanted to introduce myself on this discussion board.  I live in Michigan and is currently changing biomedical science major to Law and business.  I'm not sure if anyone in here has always thought of becoming a lawyer but for others like me, who have to discover it based on intuitions and trial and error, it is a very rewarding discovery knowing this is the type of profession you'll be content with. 

I am happy to be a part of this disucssion and hopefully you lawyers can help me reach my dream path. 


Re: Greetings
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Thanks Crook for the welcoming

You know what the funny thing is how I discovered that Law and business is the major for me is when I was in my anatomy class.  The teacher was talking about reverse circulation of the body's blood flow due to an artery blockage that goes into the liver resulting in a spleen the size of a football.  The classmates went in aww and there was I staring through it and thinking of the day I am good ice cream.  =)  5 sec classroom fascination leading to 2+ hours left before class ended boredom.

I'd hate to be a doctor treating a patient with this malfunction.  "Yawn"  I need to take a break for coffee before I am treat your enlarged spleen again. =)