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Author Topic: Please advise for Fall of 2005  (Read 1228 times)


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Please advise for Fall of 2005
« on: February 04, 2004, 11:35:23 AM »
I recently graduated in December with a bachelors in Engineering and would like to go to Law school starting Fall 2005.My undergrad GPA is 3.75, and my school is not well ranked, however its engineering program is reputable in the Midwest. What strategy do I need to adopt to get into the top 10 (Like Yale, Harvard) or at least top 20 Law schools? I would like to move to the Northeast as I enjoy its cultural aspects( of course the cold weather sux :). What kind of LSAT score would I need for those schools and what kind of work experience would I need to get to enhance my application? I worked my way through school at General Electric. Would experience with a Global corp help my chances especially since I am interested in International Law( I know many foreign languages)?