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'Official' (but prep) testing woes


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'Official' (but prep) testing woes
« on: June 13, 2006, 08:50:39 AM »
I've been taking some practice tests, and working on studying for the Sept. LSAT for a while now. I've mostly just done the bibles, and some scattered individual sections although I have taken tests 20, 16 fully. In any case, I took my Kaplan diagnostic test (June 2004, 42) this past week and completely bombed everything. For a set of very easy games, I missed 7 -- in retrospect I could've easily aced the section; everything I did was careless. For LR, I struggled, but for me that section is still a work in progress. The real killer, however, was my RC score. I got 15 (!) wrong! Although most of this was due to misbubbling in the section, after taking a RC section today and getting -3 I think I've put my finger on the problem: when someone else (and not just me) is scoring my test, I freak myself out and can't focus on just doing it the way it needs to be done.

Suffice it to say, this does not bode well for the actual LSAT...if I'm freaking myself out now over practice tests that are meaningless, I can't imagine that I won't do the same on test day. I'm going to try to be more relaxed next time, but does anyone have any suggestions or suffer from the same problem? I'm terrified of not doing well on the LSAT, and my fear alone brought my baseline LSAT score about 7-10 points lower than it should've been on my formal first diagnostic. Help!?

Re: 'Official' (but prep) testing woes
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2006, 08:56:53 AM »
You have several good things going for you: your mistakes on LG were careless--so write them off.  Tell yourself you won't make those on the real exam.  Next, you have identified your problem on RC (misbubbling), just work on that.  Become used to taking the test.  Seems like your problem is that you never worked through a full test.  Just work through a couple tests all the way and see where you are.  The same thing happened to me two weeks before I took the test on Jun 12, and it completely freaked me out.  I realized where I was going wrong, worked on those areas, and within ten days my score was up 15 raw points