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Miami v San Diego v Pepperdine..... looking for international prospects. Help!

Hey everyone!
  So I'm looking for some advice, I'm totally lost on what I should do this fall. Here is my situation: I have been accepted to U of Miami and I'm on a waitlist at U of San Diego and Pepperdine. Without coming off arrogant, I'm pretty sure Pepperdine is going to let me in because I have 159 LSAT and 3.I had to 3.5 GPA and this is well within their range. San Diego on the other hand is going to be much tougher. If I had to decide between practicing in California and Florida, I'd much rather be in California. Here is where it gets tricky though, my goal is to do international negotiations, possibly living outside the country. While I don't mind which countries I'm sent, I'm mostly likely going to be heading to South America and Spain as I speak Spanish and am familiar with Spain and a lot of countries in South America. I'm also hoping to do a joint degree and get my MBA (my undergrad is in international business). Now it seems to me Miami would be great for this being that its pretty much the main port for South America. However San Diego offers a joint JD/International MBA. However, I don't know how long I can hold out on these people, if they don't accept me and I have to start my life again in Miami, I'd like to get a move on it. Basically I'm asking do I a.) Hold out for San Diego my first choice, b.) Go to Pepperdine (if they accept me) because I prefer San Diego and its ranking isn't much different than that of Miami, or c.) do I just head out to Miami since they've accepted me and I may find opportunities to do business law in South America and Europe.

Sorry for such a long jumbled cry for advice, but like I said it's quite a pickle for me.

Thanks a bunch