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Bush’s Personal Aide To Enroll at Business School (MBA) with no bachelor degree


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I think undergraduate degrees are a waste of time anyway. I got a degree in math, which is completely unrelated to anything I will do in law school. The only math I will need I learned in elementary school. Core classes just reinforced my beliefs, and English classes served no real purpose. From what I have been told, college writing courses should be completely dismissed when attending law school. The trick to sucess is short sentaces which is the opposite of what we have been taught. I wish I coulda skipped that useless four years like this guy did. Then again, I did build up my alcohol tolerance... hmmm... 

yikes.  those of us who didn't go to college in hell might disagree.


why would he go back to undergrad when he get go straight to HBS? you act as though the guy is an idiot or something.  would you waste four years if you had the opportunity to skip it? I dont think so.

If you arent happy with your friends, make new ones...

That punk stole my career plan.


I heart Bush... Im hoping living so close to him will help create some opportunities for me to marry his daughters... This time next year I may be in HBS..


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And because URM's don't have that kind of "hook up" we need AA programs. They don't level a playing field like that but they try to and that's a start.