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Where to apply ED

Where to apply ED
« on: May 20, 2006, 11:40:44 PM »
Well I know many of you are currently struggling to decide which school to attend, but since I've began to seriously think about law school once more, I have been trying to decide which schools to apply to! I just typed out an exessively long intoduction to myself on the other forum, so I'll try to keep this more brief ;)

I'll likely be a low GPA high LSAT split candidate. 3.36 GPA and I have very reasonable hopes for a 173-176, or so, LSAT this October. I also with 90% certainty want to attend either Northwestern, or University of Chicago, period. There are a couple outlying possibilities, but they don't matter for this particular question.

I've been out of school for a year now, and I may not even apply for another year, so I will certainly have the work experience that Northwestern likes to see. I also am a very strong interviewer, so that works in my favor as far as Northwestern goes. And of course, just on numbers, Northwestern looks like a better bet. The main problem is, I want to keep the possibility open for becoming an academic and UC is certainly at least somewhat better in that respect.

Thus, assuming that I will either go to one of those two schools, or not go to law school at all, am I better off stacking the deck and applying ED to Northwestern, where I think I would have better chances anyway, or do I take the risk of applying ED to Chicago, hoping that failing there, my advantages with Northwestern would still give me a strong shot? I know ED isn't a HUGE edge, but I also know that it's not imperceptible, and I certainly want to use it to my advantage at one of the schools. Thoughts? Perhaps one of you recent law school applicants can comment on your own experience applying ED. Thanks!