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Anyone had any luck with an appeal letter (re. admissions denial)?

I was denied admission to the one law school I really wanted/needed to get into. I called the Director of Admissions (whom I had already met two months prior) and asked if this was "it" and was there anything else I could do to at least be considered for evening division (PT), which as it turns out works better anyway.  (My application was only for the Full Time program - University of Denver, btw.)  She advised that I could write an appeal and email it to her attention, which I did last week.  A decision is supposedly being made this week.

Has anyone ever had any luck with an appeal letter??  Is there anything that I missed?

Re: Anyone had any luck with an appeal letter (re. admissions denial)?
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That's great that you got in!  My numbers aren't impressive...2.85 (according to LSAC) and 146.  I also supplemented my application with an addendum addressing my LSAT score and GPA, to no avail.  After sending the appeal letter I left a message for the Director earlier this week requesting an interview with the admissions committee - I didn't think she would consider it, but I thought it might at least be worth something if I was willing to subject myself to a panel interview. 

I don't want to call her too much (up till now she's been very receptive and helpful), but I want to express continued interest.  Any suggestions? 

I see you got accepted to DU - are you going?