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Should law school be in my vocabulary?

Should law school be in my vocabulary?
« on: January 29, 2004, 08:41:47 PM »
I really need some advice or maybe some constructive criticism.  I really want to go to law school but my gpa is very low (2.74) and i took the LSAT in februrary 2003 and scored a 135. the reason for my gpa being so low is due to the fact that i had to deal with a great deal of stress steming from me being the oldest of six chilren and having a irresponsible drug addict mother. During my four in college i had to deal with serious family problems that affected my emotional state and interfered with my studies. Given this, and the fact that i am a horrible test taker, i performed poorly on the LSAT.

After i recieced my score, i didn't want to apply to law school. i felt that maybe it wasn't for me.

What changed my mind was an incident that occured a couple of months ago involving my 14 year old sister. She was arrested after stabbing a girl with scissor out of self defense. and was being charged with a felony. i hired a pretty descent attorney to defend her. It total waste of money. becuase he didn't know what he was doing. i basically had to give him suggestions on how to handle the case. he suggested that my sister plea guilty. I felt that i was a bad idea and i did some research over the internet on juvenile crimes amd i was able to provide an alternative solution.  My sister didn't plea guilty and i wrote a letter to the judge and i was able to get the charges dropped. This lawyer i hired attended a top law school and he was totally clueless. that's when i decided that maybe i should try to apply school. i figured if he could become a lawyer why can't i ? so i tood a weekend prepcourse with powerscore( it was o.k) i registere for the OCT 2003 rescheduled due to lack of preparation. Resceduled the December 2003 because i still wasn't ready. I'm registered to take the Feb 2004 exam but my scores on my practice test range between 148-151. i know Feb is too late for a person with my stats to apply to law school but i really want to attend law school this fall. most schools i plan to apply to accept the Feb LSAT and i am applying to mostly 4th tier and maybe 2 3rd tier schools. and i am applying to part time programs as well.

Should i take the LSAT and feb and apply to school? should i wait until june to take it? or should i just forget about law school?



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Re: Should law school be in my vocabulary?
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2004, 05:57:21 AM »
I would study very hard and take it in June or October.  Most schools average your LSAT scores so you will have to do very good on the next one for it to be worth while.  The good news is most law schools take into account your personel situation during the GPA and LSAT evaluation.  I used the Princton Review book and studied on my own.  Make sure and order plenty of real LSATs to practice on.  Good luck

Re: Should law school be in my vocabulary?
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2004, 07:53:52 AM »
I wish you lots of luck. I have three pieces of advice for you.  First, look at 4th tier and non-ABA schools.  You will find a school that fits your needs.  Don't overlook schools with evening and part time programs. Good lawyers graduate from many different places.

My second piece of advise is get a handle on your personal life before attempting law school.  I attend a non-traditional evening program and I see lots of students drop out or fail because of personal problems.  Doing well in law school will take most of your time and energy.  If you can't find the hours to read, review , and attend class without distraction you will implode. the people around you have to be supportive of your efforts.

Third, continue visiting discussion boards like this one,, and my site  Listen to the people who offer help and ignore the few trolls who will spew negatives.

Please don't take this as someone saying you can't do it. That is not my aim. Don't give up. I wish you lots of luck.

Re: Should law school be in my vocabulary?
« Reply #3 on: January 30, 2004, 11:33:50 AM »
Sorry to hear that. But don't give up!