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From the Bay Area, attending GWU

From the Bay Area, attending GWU
« on: May 10, 2006, 07:45:49 PM »

I'm from the Bay Area, and although I'm not 100% sure yet, I would like to have the option down the road of being able to find work in the Bay Area if I decide to do so.  I recently got into GWU off the waitlist, and I didn't apply to many schools, and Hastings and BC both waitlisted me and they've kinda turned me off, so GWU is where I'll be for sure. Having said that, and also knowing that I don't have a choice in staying in the Bay Area for school, will it be impossible for me to get a job at a firm with a GWU degree? I know it's predominately a regional school so I'm kinda get sad that this might be goodbye to SF for me, as I'll probably have to find work on the East Coast. Any thoughts? Am I just overanalyzing?


Re: From the Bay Area, attending GWU
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I am in the EXACT same situation as you, Grew up in the greatest city on earth and am going to GW for law school.Just try to be top 1/3 and you should be able to get back to the bay. If not, be content with the fact that San Francisco is an east coast city on the west coast.

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If you do well in law school (particularly top 10% and Law Review), you will be able to find several jobs in SF with a GW degree. Essentially, the better you do, the further your degree will travel. However, there is no reason to feel like you are saying goodbye to SF forever.

Now if you finish 1L in the bottom half of the class . . . well then you may have said goodbye to SF for good.


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I'm a native of the Bay Area. I'm leaving for Tulane in August (assuming I don't get in off the W&L waitlist). I know it's incumbent upon me to do well, top 1/3 at least, to maximize my chance of returning home in my newly chosen career sooner rather than later.

If you haven't already withdrawn from Hastings, and if staying in the City is life-or-death to you, you probably should re-consider GW. With a Hastings degree you can pretty much fall a$$-backwards off the podium at commencement and land in a good SF-Bay Area job.

Best of luck to you, whatever you decide.