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Advice on Parents

Advice on Parents
« on: January 28, 2004, 09:22:58 AM »
I was set on going for this fall, but I have changed my mind due to various reasons and would like to wait a year.

My parents are giving me a hard time about this, especially because I was  excited for so long.  Does anyone else have a situation with their parents, even somewhat similar to mine? Just curious if anyone can relate.

Re: Advice on Parents
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2004, 10:06:31 AM »
I waited also, and my parents were extremely dissapointed, but i found a few ways to smooth it over.  hopefully these will help you.

I showed my parents that unless i worked and saved for a year, i would not be able to afford rent for an apartment, and since there are no law schools within driving distance of my house, i would no doubt have to find an apartment, and now that i have graduated college and am an "adult", it would feel wrong asking them to pay for my rent.  Not only did that soften the blow, but they also feel bad for me and are offering to give me at least some money for rent.

Next.... i proved to them that since alot of people are on unemployment now, they are looking to go back to law school, and that gives them a huge advantage over those of us who jsut graduated from college and have no work experience.  Having at least one year of work experience is great on your resume, and will only add to your qualifications as a law school applicant.

i dont know if this next part would work for you.... since my dad was a semi hippy it kinda worked for him.... i told them that at no other time in my life did i have the opportunity to travel with my friends.  I planned a road trip for two weeks across the country, and it was amazing.  you cant do that while your in law school, and you cant do it once you graduate because you'll be working all sorts of obscene hours.  but tread lightly on that one, it may backfire and look as if you'd rather slack off and go on vacation instead of going to law school.

and finally, the most important thing to get across to them is that you did not decide you are not going to law school... but taht you wanted to make sure you were handling it like a mature adult and not rushing into it, that you wanted to make sure you were financially and emotionally ready for it..... and some other bull taht will make them feel better about your decision.

and if THAT dosnt work.... jsut tell them you love them too much to leave them,  and you will miss them and want to spend a year close by.  desperate times call for desperate measures.  hahahah goodluck.