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Comparison of IU-B and Wisconsin after visiting both (LONG review with photos)

Doug, et al: a little birdy just told me that the budget thing is not what it sounds like from the article. What is actually going on is that the budget for admissions and career services were increased by a good amount in the last two years, and now it is at a good level so what "frozen" means is that they won't be increasing it, they will keep it at where it is now. They are NOT cutting or decreasing funding to either of those departments, they are just not putting any additional funding in for next year because what they have at the moment is serving them well. Also, they are hiring a new director of career services during the next few weeks.
I wouldn't worry too much about cuts of the career services budget.  Career services is alright, they have great intentions, but they are the weak link of the whole school, and I can safely say that very, very few people get their 1L jobs via the career services office.  I certainly had a bad experience with them, but my experience is not indicative of what does, or even should happen.  And the new director is being hired because the old one is leaving to attend divinity school at Princeton.

Hmm...very strange.

I know this is old but I am attending Indiana for my undergraduate studies.

As someone said, the career services office is the weak link.  I find that really weird as the career services office at the business school is second to none.

I wouldn't worry about the budget cuts at all.  The Lilly Foundation (which does many incredible things in the state of Indiana) just donated $25 million to the law school.  In order to receive the donation Lilly made sure the university would match it.  So they now have a $50 million to do whatever they want.  I know a professor very well and one thing they are really trying to do is add some incredible new professors to the school.  They are willing to spend the money to attract and retain top talent (professor wise).

I'd say the descriptions of the campus, living, students, etc are accurate.  One thing to note is that beginning with this semester the university banned smoking on campus.  Many still smoke, but there has been a notable difference.  I am not sure I'm going to Indiana for law school, but I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed my years in Bloomington. 


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I'd actually like to see if we could revive this thread.  I applied to both IU-Indy and IU-B, and I am interested if anyone can offer a comparison between the two?  Also, I applies 2/02/08, but I still have a couple LOR's on the way.  Is this going to hurt me at all?

IU and Wisconsin are pretty much the same school, it's just a matter of which state you prefer.  I would assume IU-B shares Indy "biglaw" with IU-Indy much the same as Wisconsin shares Milwaukee with Marquette.