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Hi Paul!  Don't worry about job prospects.  I am telling you this from an insider's perspective:  I know a few people who work at big firms, two of them are partners.  I have talked to all of these people, especially one of the partners, about going to Hofstra.  They say that, in Long Island, there is no better school.  Of course that doesn't say much.  But this particular guy said to me that one of the best associates they have is a Hofstra grad.  Hofstra's reputation has been rising, and it is really up to the students to make their mark and bring Hofstra's name with them.  There are amazing professors at Hofstra and an umbelievable amount of resources and opportunities.  A lot of Hofstra students don't take advantage of that.  Success is really up to the individual and if a person truly is depending on a school to make their name then that person has a very sad profile.  If one is really dedicated, diligent and smart, that will show through work and not through a name on the diploma.  I got into amazing schools, one of them in the top 25, but I am happy to go to Hofstra.  The best immigration lawyer in the country went to Hofstra.  Some of the most successful lawyers there are out there today carry Hofstra pride.  So don't let what you read on this forum influence you and shake you in any way.  They picked schools that they think are right for them and you should pick the school that you think is right for you.  And what is the worse that can happen?  As long as you make the best of what you got you can relax knowing that there was nothing else you could do.  I am scared too, and excited.  I know law school is tougher than we can imagine.  But if others have made it through so can we, right?  And if we don't know the way in the begining and feel a little lost and afraid, well, aint that a female dog?  But it won't last forever.  Sorry to rumble on.  Good luck to all of us!!!

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Yeah, I hear what you are saying.  I have to take what I read on this place with a grain of salt.  I'll otherwise be jaded by the whole law school experience before ever stepping foot on campus.  :)

I meant to ask you in my previous post but I apparently forgot.  Are you interested in any of the five clinics that Hofstra offers?  If so, do you know how difficult it is to become involved with one of them?  I don't know what type of law I will get into but I'm very interested in the Political Asylum (Immigration) Clinic.  Sounds like a great experience.

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Yeah, I am actually interested in all of them!  :)  The immigration one is definetly great for the times we are living in.  I think first year will keep us busy but we can certainly get involved. Second year will make it a lot easier for us to get involved though.   

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Did you go to the admitted student orientation?  How was it?  Were the other students friendly? 

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yeah, I went to the reception.  the other students who were admitted weren't talkative or anything but the current students were friendly.

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I wish I was going to Hofstra.  You make it, um, sound?... really good. 0:)

I am sure you will have a great experience wherever you are going!  Good luck! :)

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Hey guys, I'm also attending Hofstra. After a long process of deliberation between Hofstra, U of Miami, Pace, Buffalo, and NYLS, I decided on Hofstra. Hope I made the right choice.

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I've already sent my deposit into NYLS, but I am still considering Hofstra.  Anyone want to try to convince me to go to Hofstra instead? 

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Hey guys!  I think Hofstra is a great choice, like I said, the location, the faculty, the resources, the alum connections, the way the school cares about the students, it is all great.  I love Hofstra, and I was really only applying there as a safety.  I was set to go to St Johns and then saw how much better Hofstra is.  And in terms of rankings, if you guys are into that, Hofstra is ranked higher than NYLS and PACE so...I dunno.  Just a thought.  I'll be there! :)

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Aw, haha.  Yeah, I am from Maryland, well, originally from Brazil but I lived in MD for 10 years and now I am in Glen Cove at the Avalon.  Do you know the area well?  I am looking for a really great hair salon, lol.

Hey, I know the area pretty well. I am from Massapequa...which is I guess 20 minutes or so from Hofstra...I will have to think about the hair salon thing lol, since I have been going to the same hair sylist since I was like ten years old.  :)

This thread made me feel a little better, because I have been nervous after reading stuff on this board too much. Hofstra was my first choice when I began looking at law schools, but then this site and its obsession with rankings freaked me out. I went to the admitted students day too and I was really impressed with the faculty and alumni, and the campus is nice. It also made me realize that some of what people say on here is not really true.

Anyway, I am looking forward to August and meeting people. I am working two jobs now that are terrible and I can't wait to quit and go back to school (we'll see if I will still be thinking that during finals week...) :)