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where are you Canadians?

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we've got this whole special section of LSD and we don't even use it!  i know you hosers are out there, it can't just be cheeks and me.

are you applying only to canada, only the US, or both?  what schools?  where do you want to end up after law school?  so many questions!

I'm Canadian... going to school in the US. Don't know what I'll do when it's done. My husband is down here working right now, although he's Canadian as well.

I'd move back to Canada, but have read that the Canadians are not too welcoming to US law degrees, in Ontario anyways. Depending on how many hoops I'd have to jump through, I might move back.

How about you?

I haven't decided where to apply yet (I'm applying for Sept '06) but most likely Canada and the US.  Eventually I'd like to come back to Canada.

As for US degrees in Canada, I think that really depends where you go in the US.  The impression in Canada seems to be that there is a pretty wide disparity between the top US schools and the bottom ones, whereas the quality of schools in Canada doesn't vary nearly as much.  I definitely think any top 25 law school in the US couldn't hurt you in Canada, and a well-known one would probably be beneficial.  All you have to do is a bit of extra work to pass the bar exam wherever you go.

I don't know about that darren.

You have to consider the reputation in Canada of both the top US and Canadian schools.  In Canada, yes, Harvard would be considered a better school then U of T.  But a school like Duke or Michigan, I would say U of T would have a better rep in Canada.  And a better rep would probably mean a better chance of you getting a Canadian job after graduation.

Anyways, I'm going to school in the states and will be practicing there as well hopefully so whatever.   

I'm Canadian, born and raised in Calgary.

I plan to study in Canada and pretty much stay in Canada... I'm applying to UofA, UBC, UofC, and UVic because I am interested in both environmental law and the petroleum industry, so it only makes sense to stay in Western Canada.

Oh, and I'm not even applying until next year...  ;D


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