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« on: May 01, 2006, 02:52:33 PM »


Maybe the civic is the most stolen car in Miami then...I know it's the most stolen car somewhere.

I do remember hearing about the integra though.

(Forgive me, bad migraine today - I don't feel well.)

That sucks!  What do I do, I'm driving around the first car I ever purchased 9 years ago - '91 Acura Integra.  The driver door doesn't open anymore, the blinkers sporadically work, and it makes an awful noise when I drive it.  THIEVES - PLEASE READ - THE CAR SUCKS.


You are NOT going to believe this.  My car was broken into last night.  They took my fm transmitter for my i pod and my laptop.  Boo!  I hate that people went through my stuff.  Sucks, but not as bad as you. 


ouch..that sux...

sorry to hear  :-[...was it a new/valuable laptop?

No, it was a 2003 HP 5190.  Big, clunky.  But, it had ALL my information in it, including my business records for the past two years and tons of pictures.  I also enjoyed watching movies on it since I'm semi-homeless right now.  Sigh. 

I went to SBPD and they were really cool.  They came out and took some articles out of my car to fingerprint and dusted the windows.  I guess it was a pleasant experience despite the circumstance.   I called 911 in LA once and they didn't show up for 3 hours.  Nice change in SB.


UPDATE: just got the call

they found the car this morning...stripped like a girl at a cheap club by LAX  :'(

AWWWWW!!  I'm so sorry, sno.  That really sux.  Gives you an excuse to get a new car, though.  Good luck!


Those "most stolen car" lists are deceiving unless you compare them with most sold/most owned lists. Hondas and Toyotas are stolen often because there are a lot of them on the road--there are a lot of them available to be stolen. I'm not sure that there is a list with a more meaningful per capita approach.



Not in the ghettos I've seen.

Of course, I try not to frequent them.  There are parts in Miami where even the cops won't go.


gawd...i wish there were places in LA the cops wouldnt go...or at least that i knew where they were if there are...then debauchery can truly begin ;D

nah, it'd be a less stylish version of "escape from NY"