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Hope this helps your decision! And this guy went to BLS/Cardozo...,222971


That was some link there Patrick, quite informative..


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Odds are against you if you go to a lower ranked school.  That is a fact, accept it.  Grant it that some people do extremely well coming out of a crap school, the vast majority doesn't fare too well at all. 
Why gamble your hard-earned money and career on an education that is unlikely to put you in a competitive position relative to others? 

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According to your profile over at LSN, it appears that you have chosen Hofstra over NYLS.  Good choice and see you in August. 

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I have chosen Hofstra over NYLS.  Here is a copy of the letter that I sent to Dean Matasar of NYLS this morning concerning my trip to visit NYLS.  I will give a description of Hofstra on a separate thread in the next day or two. 

Dear Dean Matasar:

I visited New York this past Friday so that I could take a tour of New York Law School since I would have been attending the law school in the fall.  My father and I stayed on Long Island with family and took the train into the city in the morning.  The train departed around 9 am, and we arrived at Penn Station around 10:30.  We thought we had left in plenty of time to arrive well before our 12pm tour began.  However, my father and I are unfamiliar with the city, and we accidentally took the subway in the wrong direction.  We ended up in the Bronx.  We corrected our mistake by boarding the 1 train in the opposite direction and thought that we had plenty of time to get to the school on time.  However, the subway ride took much longer than expected, and we were inevitably late.  We tried to call the school to alert them to our impending tardiness, but we could not get reception for our cell phones while underground in the subway.  When we finally arrived at the law school we were told that the tour had departed and that we could not join them.  I kindly asked the administration if a police officer, security guard, or admissions officer could take us on an extremely abbreviated tour since we made the trip all the way from Virginia to New York.  Our simple request was declined. 

The overwhelming apathy of the administration toward our situation was utterly appalling and frankly quite sobering to how I could expect to be treated as a student.  My father and I both took three days off of work and spent hundreds of dollars to make the trip up to New York only to be told we could not be accommodated.  Surely an admissions officer could have taken ten minutes to oblige such a small request from an admitted student who had taken such severe measures to secure a simple tour of the law school.  If this is how New York Law School’s administration treats its recruits, I cannot even fathom how it treats its students. 

I could not reconcile spending almost $60,000 per year for three years (including the cost of living) at a school whose administration could not take ten minutes of their time to show me around after I made the trip all the way to New York from Virginia.  I asked the desk clerk for a piece of paper and wrote a letter announcing my intention to withdraw from the law school.  I do not understand how the school can put such little effort into recruiting and claim to be trying to establish a better reputation.  I hope that this does not happen to anyone else in the future. 

Respectfully Yours,


Miss P

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That's hideous, Token, I'm sorry.  Eff 'em.

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I was admitted to NYLS with a significant scholarship and took a day off from work to check it out.  I was treated in a very dismissive manner when I initially contacted the school.  The admissions officer who gave me a private tour was nice enough but knew very little about the school, law studies or the legal profession.  It left a very, very bad taste in my mouth.  I withdrew a few days later.  The manner in which I was treated and the observations I made spoke volumes about the school and the way I could expect to be treated.  That sobering visit saved me lots of money.



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Sorry to hear about your terrible experience- as a new yorker, i know TONS of out of towners that get confused by the subway system so the lateness should've been completely understood and they should've taken better care of you and your dad ESPECIALLY if they're expecting you to shell out $60K a year (you should've had freakin' caviar and pinot grigio awaiting you). Those actions speak volumes about the administration there. I think you made the right choice in choosing Hofstra- as I stated earlier in the thread. Good luck there in the Fall.

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In my limited experience with the administration at NYLS, I found them to be just as unaccommodating.  I'm glad I'm not spending my law school career there.

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I guess I'll be seeing you at Hofstra.  Are you full-time?

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No, I'm Part Time Day.  Which means I'll be taking classes with you.  I plan on changing over to FT next fall.  If you are around, we are trying to arrange a pre-orientation get together for August.  There was a thread started a few days back.  See you in a couple of months, bud.