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Vent/Rant...No need to reply

Vent/Rant...No need to reply
« on: April 28, 2006, 07:16:43 AM »
Ok so I just need to let off a little steam. There's no need to reply...

Anyway, as of today, April 28, 2006 I am still in nowhere. I am well aware that my poor LSAT score has much to do with this but it's still frustrating. I have three WL, one reject and two no-hears. Limbo is friggin' terrible.

What's worse is that I'm serving as an intern for a local attorney who handles the type of law I want to get into (small business), and everytime I'm introduced to another attorney or a client it's like "oh are you a lawyer?" and I say "no", "oh where did you graduate law school", and I say "I haven't been yet", and then it's "oh where are you going" and finally I have to say "I don't know yet." It's becomming quite embarassing.

Even worse is my family will not leave me alone. I'm working for free at the attorney's office and living off savings. But, I'm hoping to get a paying job at a company I did two internships for over the summer. Anyway all I ever hear is "you need a paying job", "have you gotten accepted anywhere yet?", "I told you that you should have taken a professional prep course", "I knew you were going to blow the LSAT, you were doing too much last year", among other things.

So basically I just need to vent and say I'M SICK OF EVERYBODY and sick of not being in anywhere.

Yes I know a lot of others are in a very similar situationa and again my LSAT score basically merits nowhere this year but I still want to vent.

Oh well I'm registered for the June LSAT, looks like it might be 2007 for me.

Best Regards to all, especially those who read this far...