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Anyone else taking a Brooklyn or Cardozo Scholarship over the likes of Fordham?

I am looking for some people to discuss this decision with. I was accepted to Fordham and GW but decided that I want to stay in NY, my hometown. I had decided I was going to Fordham and Brooklyn recently offered me $30K a year to go there. This is pretty much a full ride. I got a similar offer from Cardozo. I need to finish in the top third to keep the $$$.

The way I look at it I would need to finish in the top third at Fordham to get a top job in order to pay off loans. If I could do that I believe I could finish in the top third at Brooklyn. This way I will have very little debt and I will not be bound to biglaw?

Any advice is great. I have not fully made up my mind. I would love to talk to some people this week who are in the same position. Send me a PM

Here's the standard advice, and don't dismiss it because it's not lengthy.

Unless you're determined to into BigLaw (which it doesn't sound like you are), follow the money.  If you finish in the top 1/3 at Brooklyn or Cardozo you'll be fine in terms of job prospects and much better than fine in terms of debt.  And even if you don't, so what?  You still saved yourself $30K in loans.  That's the difference between being $60K in debt vs. $90K.  That's not insignificant.

Remember, nearly everyone who attends a t100 law school finds a decent paying job.  It may not be a dream job, but it'll almost certainly pay enough for you to be comfortable.  And the fewer loans you have, the more you can enjoy whatever money you earn.


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i was in the same boat- withdrew from GW and thought Id go to Fordham if I chose to stay in NY (theres still a very good chance I will choose Cornell, Im visiting them in a week or so, and I am still on four waitlist/hold situations).

Cardozos full tuition offer changed that- I am still interested in Cornell, but in my mind, a full ride at Cardozo outweighs whatever benefits Fordham's better reputation might provide... Fordham is the better school but not by enough to warrant significant debt (in my case, fordham offered me some $ as well, but not nearly as much as a full grant from cardozo).

GW, by the way, should one be into DC (i am not) very well might be worth the debt, with its always-growing reputation and all that. but id take the money at cardozo (i cant speak for bklyn) and run


I am in the exact same situation with $30k/yr at Brooklyn and little to no cash at Fordham.  After a lot of thought, I am leaning towards Fordham.  I work at a law firm and all of the lawyers I spoke to thought Fordham was the better option.  I had always planned on taking on a lot of loans for LS, and was really quite excited with the prospect of taking on virtually nothing and still going to a good school in NY.  But, I do think that on a long-term scale it will probably be a better move to go to the best school possible.  While it may be slightly easier to do better at Brooklyn, bear in mind that there are probably a LOT of people in or about in our position  - i.e. significant scholarship, and all of them are vying for the top 1/3 to keep their scholarship and the top 10% to get the particular type of big ny lawfirm job.  My decision is largely swayed by the fact that NY is probably the most competitive legal market in the world and we are surrounded by people (at least I am at my small firm) that were at the top of their class from places like columbia and cornell.  My firm said they would probably look at the VERY top of the brooklyn class, but i'm talking top 10 not top 10%.  So I am leaning towards sucking it up and hoping that I will still do very well at fordham, where it seems like the reward for doing well is even more pronounced


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I am really struggling with this as well  :( And driving everyone around me crazy in the process!  I've received tons of mixed messages; it's really stressful. I love the idea of graduating with relatively little debt but I'm so nervous about the GPA requirement. Plus, Fordham seems really well known in NYC and everytime I mention Cardozo I get puzzled looks in return.