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« on: April 21, 2006, 09:00:05 PM »
Hey everyone! I have a question about reapplying. I applied to a bunch of top 7 schools this year and so far, have been hearing bad news - 3 rejections, 2 waitlists, and still waiting on for two more, but am pretty sure that if they haven't responded by now, they are also going to send me rejections. I think I applied way too late in the cycle (mid Jan) + didn't have a high enough LSAT. So I am now starting to seriously consider the prospect of reapplying next year, or perhaps the year after.
Have any of you guys reapplied successfully to top ranking schools, or heard/known people who did so? If so, what did you/they change in their application that helped you/them get admitted the second time round?
I think that applying early just in itself (without changing anything) probably isn't going to make a big difference for me. Retaking the LSAT is an option but I've already taken it twice (including 1 cancellation)so I'm not sure if I should take it a third time. Getting some work experience is also an option, but then again will 1 or 2 years of work exp. make that "significant" difference when my LSAT score is the same?

urhrrrrr i always used to say "if I don't get in this year, I'll reapply" - but now that I have to consider this seriously, it is giving me the biggest headache....

any help would be VERY MUCH appreciated..... ;D

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Although I did not apply to top 7 schools... I may be reapplying next year because I have my heart set on one school to which I am presently on the waitlist (UofArizona).  One good thing about Arizona is that the dean of admissions offers to meet with students that were not accepted to tell them how they can improve their package if they plan to reapply.  You should check if any of the schools you applied to would be willing to do the same.

Since you cancelled your score, it might not hurt to take the LSAT again if you think you can do significantly better.  While I don't know what your original LSAT score was nor your GPA, bringing up your index can never hurt.  Consider working in the legal profession.  One or two years may help because you can get new letters from your employer.  Think about getting a paralegal certification from a comunity college.  Anything that shows your continued interest in the legal profession and your determination to get in cannot hurt.

Good Luck... hopefully one of those waitlists will turn around and you wont have to worry about this at all!

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Tag.  Similar(ish) situation.


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Same situation.  Applying to more schools next year (entire T15 + maybe USC), and early.

I'd say you apply to entire T14 at least, you can always transfer up a notch if you hit top fifth, and finishing a T14 won't kill you compared to a T7, the time lost will hurt more in the long run.

As for the LSAT, seems according to LSN that 168-170 is a soft cut off.  If you're below that, you should probably retake it if you think you can improve even by a few points, can't hurt as long as you don't do worse.

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I have two friends who had similar situations. I am also kind of in that boat this year. For one of my friends, she decided to go to a lower ranked school and transfer, fortunately she was able to get in to Berkeley last May, so her plan worked. She did work extremely hard though, she was about second or third in her class. Then my other friend is waiting a few more years to apply. When you take this approach, big changes need to be made. Work experience alone, especially for only a few years usually does not cause them to pay attention, especially if the LSAT score isn't high. Unique things like projects abroad, or things like that might get them to see you in a different light. All I know is that it's tough. Retaking the LSAT is always a good option, but since you've already taken it that might not be the way to go. You would have to improve a lot, and I know in my case that's never going to happen! I think transfering is a good option, I know it is tought and competitive but your LSAT matters a lot less and the focus becomes your 1L. Good luck!!

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Thanks for your input everyone!

Just to make my situation more vivid, I scored a 166 on the LSAT last June and got seriously sick during the December one and had to cancel. I am planning to retake the LSAT this year b/c I want to reapply next cycle. The only thing is, I will probably be working full time as well. But I'll have to live with it.

I'm still divided over whether to take the test in June or Oct. Ideally, I want to take it in June, but it is only a month away so I feel a bit uneasy about it. Taking it in Oct. sounds more reasonable, but then again, I am not sure how much prep ill get done having to work full time as well.

Anyhow, I am going to apply as early as I can next fall, by late Oct at least.

Good luck to all of you guys considering reapplicaton and still waiting on for some schools to respond positively/accept you from their waitlists!  :D