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Re: Eagle Scout
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Oh, don't get me wrong. I don't plan to write the whole thing on it

You should make this topic your entire PS...maybe even write an addendum about your views of BSA and its controversies.  Perhaps there's some way you can incorporate it all into a diversity statement as well - talk about how people look down on Eagle Scouts and (unless they were one themselves) don't really care about all the hard work that goes into becoming one.  There's a wave here for you to ride, now ride it.

oh my God please do not do this. Hardly ANYONE looks down on the Boy Scouts, only the most die-hard God-hating 20 year old emo communists/socialists do, and if you write something like this it will look like you have a real persecuation complex and an extremely warped perception of political realities


Re: Eagle Scout
« Reply #21 on: May 04, 2006, 12:06:57 AM »
I got my Eagle Scout when I was 13. Considering only 4% of boys in Boy Scouts ever get this, it's considered an honor and distinction for decades after you get it...but getting it so young is pretty amazing too (most only get it before their 18th birthday).

Would it be a good idea to write about a significant event on my path to that, and wrap that into my current life and goals?

You should defiantly write about it if you feel it was a major influence in your life and that you learned something about yourself and the world. Whatís important in your PS is that your voice and personality come across clearly to the adcoms. Whether you write about playing tennis or making Eagle Scout it is merely a medium for who you are. Youíre resume can convey all the hard numbers/titles.



Re: Eagle Scout
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the advice i've been given is that in general, no one cares about anything you did before age 18.

of course, that's just one line of advice.

Thank you both for getting this back on the original topic. Anyway, that was generally my impression as well. Luckily for me, I've seen here that there are some disturbed folks out there in the world, and so I'll probably only include the award on my resume. I have plenty of other experiences to write about.

I don't think even the most liberal anti-Christian adcom is going to blacklist you for accomplishing something that you set out to do and value very deeply even if it is slightly contrary to their own beliefs.  But then again why chance it?


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Re: Eagle Scout
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is this a massive flame?  is the op really proud about something he did when he was 13?  does he really think ls will care/

Yes, I'm actually really proud of something I did then, as anyone who has ever earned the award is proud of.

Some of you here are really sick, sick people. Especially this:

Yeah I always thought boy scouts was a bad a cross between NAMBLA and some right wing christian paramiliary organization.  If I was hiring an adult and they put '(anything)scout' on their resume i'd assume they are a freak and not hire them.

I am assured in knowing you are on the fringe of society.

personally i like the boy scouts just fine, good for them for taking a non-pc stand.  my point is you were THIRTEEN.  nobody is going to give a rats ass about some club you were in when you were that age.  they will wonder why you havent done anything worth mentioning in the past 8 years. 


Re: Eagle Scout
« Reply #24 on: May 04, 2006, 03:57:44 PM »
Have any of you spoken to the adcoms about PSs? It sounds like you guys are preaching the popular misconceptions about applying... Granted, Iíve only spoken to one indavidual from an adcom regarding this and I read a few books about it...